Basics of Board Up Services

When disaster strikes, it’s natural to focus on the damage your home has sustained. Board up services can be instrumental in reducing this damage and preventing further losses. Don’t leave your house vulnerable by simply walking away. Instead, invest in board-up services to secure your home until a window installer or repair team can address the damage.

What are Board Up Services?

Windows are often the most vulnerable points of entry into your home. Glass is more susceptible to breakage compared to solid walls, whether due to vandalism, high winds, or other causes.

You may not be able to immediately replace your damaged windows, especially in the aftermath of a natural disaster when local installers are overwhelmed with requests. In such cases, board up services become crucial.

Why You Should Use Them

Your home can be exposed to various elements and risks when windows are broken, including:

  • Storm Damage: Tornadoes, windstorms, and hurricanes can exert enough pressure differential to shatter windows. Additionally, debris propelled at high speeds can cause windows to break upon impact.
  • Fire: Intense heat from a fire can also lead to the shattering of windows, further compromising your home’s integrity.
  • Property Vacancy: Abandoned or foreclosed properties are often targets for vandalism. Boarding up services help protect these properties from further damage until they are sold or renovated.
  • Preventative Measure: Prior to an anticipated storm or disaster, preemptively boarding up windows can significantly reduce the risk of damage. After the threat passes, removing the boards restores the home’s aesthetic appeal.

Save Money

Wondering if board-up services are worth the investment? Consider the potential savings:

  • Preventing Damage: Boarding up windows before a storm can save you the expense and hassle of replacing broken windows afterward. Even if damage has occurred, boarding up helps prevent additional losses.
  • Insurance Coverage: Promptly boarding up windows post-disaster can bolster your insurance claim by preventing further damage from wind, water, or vandalism. Protect your claim and avoid potential rejection by taking this proactive step.
  • Deter Vandals: Whether you’re looking to sell a property or safeguard an abandoned one, board up services are essential in deterring vandalism, theft, and liability risks associated with unauthorized entry.

What Can You Expect from Our Board Up Services?

Leave the task of securing your windows to professionals. Our team arrives equipped with durable materials to effectively board up your damaged windows.

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